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Buying a New Home

Buying new is the best investment. For what used homes cost in the current market, and the unknown cost of "what's behind the wall," buying a used home can be a risky move. Remember, this is the most money most people will spend on a single purchase in their lifetime. We have some suggestions when it's time to purchase your new home, lagniappe - a little something extra to make your decision easier.

New vs Used

Some of the advantages to building new vs. buying used include:

Blue Heron Homes offers a wide range of custom designs, or we can build your home from your plans. Whatever road you take Blue Heron Homes will make your home building experience easy and enjoyable.

Pick Your Lot

Picking a lot to build on will determine several factors including how much it will cost, and how many improvements will need to be made before moving forward with construction. There are a lot of important details that you need to be aware of. Please refer to this list of items from our "Picking Your Lot Checklist" to help you decide which factors you are willing to accept when putting together your project.

Some areas to consider when choosing a lot:

Lot improvements can cost anywhere from $3,000 - $20,000, so keep in mind that if you are getting a "good deal". It's possible that the current owner may have faced some challenges with the costs of building on the land. Also if your desired lot is in a community setting, check with the realtor, owner, or HOA to make sure that the building requirements are reasonable and fit within your budget. Some lots have minimum building requirements or have annual fees that may be outside of the scope of what you are comfortable paying each month.

We offer a Lot Walk Service after receiving a deposit, free of charge, where we will have one of our qualified professionals meet with you on site and help you assess the costs involved with getting the lot conditioned for building. The more information we get initially and knowledge you have concerning the cost drivers listed above will determine how close the estimate will be to the actual lot assessment inspection.


Financing is an important aspect of obtaining your future dream home. At Blue Heron Homes, we have hand-picked some of the top lenders serving the custom home industry that will assist you by answering all of your questions and help acquire the financing needed for your very special project.

One good reason

At Blue Heron Homes, quality and attention to detail is one advantage we have over other builders. Just as physicians stay educated on new medicines and medical technology, we emphasize staying educated with best practices in the construction industry. This emphasis allows us to pass the education and great products on to you as the owner.

These days, a window is no longer just a window, and this applies to thousands of components that go into your home. If your homebuilder is not educating you at the point of sale about the advantages in different grades of products, like windows, then they are doing you a disservice. In most cases these small details contribute greatly to the efficiency of your new home.


Building your dream home may be one of the most important and rewarding events that will take place in your life. We understand that the more knowledge the New Homeowner has, the easier the process will be.

At Blue Heron Homes, we offer free Home Owner Orientations after your home is built to make sure that you understand all of the functions and upkeep of your home. This meeting will save you money by helping to prevent potential wear and tear and also save you time by teaching you how all of your systems work and how to operate them properly.

Energy Efficiency

Our construction consists of the highest of quality materials and intelligent, efficient designs that will will save you money with your utility bills each month.

Our material list includes but is not limited to the following:

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